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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 26, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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out, then honestly, anyone can do it. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. dig herself out. >> yeah. and her advice, of course, only works if you're single. families can't as readily move in with their parents. or hopefully not. >> speak for yourself. i've always told my husband, parents if we ever -- >> with the in-laws? >> yeah. it's a great motivator. >> but to move in with your parents and friends -- >> you got to put your pride out of the way when you need to get your debt in order. that's the message from reena this morning. >> financial advisor reena ninan. >> don't trust my financial -- coming up, when you're looking for love, it keeps taking you to all the wrong places. >> how the old-world idea of matchmaking is enjoying a new resurgence among today's modern singles. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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abc stations. well, a heart health warning for women. a new statement from the american heart association says symptoms that can signal the need for immediate medical attention are different in women than in men. women may be more likely to have unusual symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea or vomiting and back or neck pain. the statement goes on to say
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to receive clot-bursting medication once they get to the hospital. so let's turn now to a matter of the heart and the age-old struggle for many who are looking for love. >> and in today's increasingly hectic world, modern singles are finding growing difficulty in finding the one. with more and more turning to a new take on an old world idea of matchmaking. we're "up all nightline" with linzie janis. >> reporter: while millionaire matchmaker patti stanger has famously found love for the rich -- >> meet my millionaires. >> reporter: you could say anna is more a thousand dollar matchmaker. her matchmaking costs 3500 bucks for three months or up to $5,000 for half the year. at the point they're willing to pay $3,500, are they desperate? >> i had that same question when i started this job and i have not yet met a desperate person. >> reporter: you've not met a
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>> no. >> reporter: you haven't met a woman with the biological clock that's ticking, desperate to meet a man inside a year? no? >> we do not promise deadlines. people that we're working with normally have a lot going on in their lives that they're happy with and it's just this one missing piece. >> reporter: she works for the national matchmaking company three-day rule, jokingly named for this bad advice from the movie "swingers." >> i used to wait two days to call anybody. now it's like everyone in town waits two days. so i think three days is kind of mine. what do you think? >> two is enough not to look anxious. >> reporter: what are some common problems you're seeing with people coming in who haven't been successful dating on their own? >> i think modern dating is challenging. the system itself, it's great how many options we have these days with apps and websites, but it also leads to a bit of dating a.d.d. sometimes. >> reporter: she and her colleague, heather, only take on eight new paying clients a month. >> are you guys single, by any chance?
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to become clients end up part of three-day rule's free pool of lower priority potential matches. >> hi. >> hi. >> are you emily? >> yes. >> so nice to meet you. i'm anna. >> reporter: on this day, anna meets with a potential new client named anna lisa. >> i'm totally going to spill this. >> i had been on a couple tinder dates and just like wasn't finding what i was looking for. some of them were just like bad. >> yeah. >> bad. i've been on a lot of bad dates. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: they spend more than an hour going through anna lisa's relationship history, profile and dating desires. >> how tall are you? >> like 5'2 1/2". >> i'm give it to you. >> 5.3" on a good day. >> how about religion. is that a part of your life? >> yes, i'm a christian. i try to go to church every sunday. >> do you smoke at all? >> no, that's a deal breaker.
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lisa decides to give the free database of singles a try. >> i'm excited. after like talking with anna, i was just like, there are a lot of things that i am like looking for so i just feel like it's nice to have somebody else take that difficult part out. >> reporter: she won't be guaranteed any dates, but if she eventually decides to pay up, anna will be there to help her get to happily ever after. for "nightline," i'm linzie janis in chicago. >> what do you think? >> i guess it makes sense people will do that because, let's be honest, tinder and grinder are basically hook-up sites. they're not necessarily for a long-lasting relationship. >> you're not going to find your happily ever after on tinder, is that what you're saying? >> no. happily next five minutes. >> coming up, the new gym in texas.ym in texas. the leading cough liquid only provides relief for four hours, but did you know there's a product that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula works by immediately releasing powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. in fact, delsym lasts three times longer than the leading cough liquid.
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my hands to myself this next story is not about keeping your hands to yourself. there's a new gym in austin, texas, where young people are building more than just muscle. >> they're focusing on at-risk youth helping them build up their bodies and their minds to help them rebid their lives. nicole rosales of kvuw has the story. >> reporter: this isn't your typical gym. yes, they have dumbbells, speed bags, but it's what they teach that sets them apart. >> this is a professional arm wrestling team here in austin. >> reporter: bone breaker bar bell is a new kind of fitness center started with big bald mike. he along with arm wrestling professionals have joined together to help kick start pulling for the future, a group of troubles youth overcoming addiction. >> learning respect for themself and their opponent. >> reporter: teams from a drug and alcohol radio bill tags center will have a chance to
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the state, all in exchange for good grades and behavior. >> showing them how to use their strength and help other people. >> reporter: 14-year-old destiny sanchez has been competing in arm wrestling for years. she says it's important for kids to have an outlet. >> having something to do to get your mind off everything that you're going through at home or whatever, it's good for you. it's good for your health. >> reporter: jarod holds multiple national titles. he says there are rules and regulations involved. >> most people think of arm wrestling as a bar room sport. it can't be further from the truth. >> it's setup, it's technique, it's speed. >> reporter: big bald mike believes its their chance to become role models and inspire teens to make a difference. >> you did something right. you were consistent. you were transparent. you let others know what you were doing. as a result, you have your dream. >> reporter: in austin, nicole rosales, nightbeat. >> i would do whatever big bald mike tells me to do. he's a big man.
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he lost -- seriously, he's vegan and he lost 150 pounds when he kind of hit rock bottom and he decided to stop eating animal protein. >> whoa. >> i also, on the other hand, always eat an protein when i'm buffing up for the miss universe pa gent. >> i've met a number of questionable women in thailand that look like that with those arms. you want to go at it? >> are you ready?
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you're going down.deadly accident had it shut down through the night, and now we have new pictures coming into our newsroom that show how devestating this wreck was. "dispatch: i'll let them know you're upset about about the delay." (sot) (butted with) "upset? i want to kill people." and new information about a home break-in--the man who says police didn't respond fast
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